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The Pain Train is a group of dedicated gamers who want to achieve glory
and will stop at nothing to get it. We were started by 6 casual people
who just wanted to play with one another and have since, evolved,
into a competitive PvP guild. We have the experience, we have played
against the best, and we have a track record of success.

In Fury, we played against :

IcE Gaming
Lords of the Dead
SQL Gaming Australia

We had huge success in fury against these guilds. Ranks were
taken weekly and our guild placed 1st 4 times, the only other guild
to place equal was IcE Gaming.

Although the guild has only been in existence for about a year, we
have achieved alot in such very little time. Before the guild, each
individual member has been at the top of gaming. Some of our
members have achieved 2200+ WoW arena rating, CAL-M in cs 1.6,
top 5 in Age of Empires II ladders, and top 15 in Age of Empires III


The Pain Train [TPT] is a dedicated group of gamers devoted to one true goal: Glory. To achieve glory we put a priority on teamwork and respect. We are here for fun, but hell, why not dominate while we're at it? As a group effort, we analyze every detail when it comes to winning. No ability or combination goes unnoticed.

Feel the same way?
Apply now on the forums for a spot on our Age of Conan roster and become one of the elite.

With hard work, determination, teamwork, and talent we WILL become one of the top ranked AoC PvP guilds.