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  Attention Applicants! -Helio

If you wish to apply to [TPT] The Pain Train please take these steps :

1 ) Go the the TPT forums

2 ) Register an account name

3 ) Create a post in the Application section using the Application Template found in the sticky.

  Web Update : The Website's Current Status -Helio

++++++++++ Thursday, April 24, 2008

    -Website re-cropped due to image issues.
    -Forums are now up and properly working
    -Forum colors have been ordered to suit the websites template

++++++++++ Friday, April 25, 2008

    -Completed Layout on videos subpage.

    -Roster subpage is now up. The stated roster is from Fury, and will most likely not be the aoc roster

    -The Downloads subpage is not fuctional, later improvements will be done when downloads become available.

The Pain Train [TPT] is a dedicated group of gamers devoted to one true goal: Glory. To achieve glory we put a priority on teamwork and respect. We are here for fun, but hell, why not dominate while we're at it? As a group effort, we analyze every detail when it comes to winning. No ability or combination goes unnoticed.

Feel the same way?
Apply now on the forums for a spot on our Age of Conan roster and become one of the elite.

With hard work, determination, teamwork, and talent we WILL become one of the top ranked AoC PvP guilds.